Home Care Program

Let Us Keep Your Newly Renovated Home in Pristine Condition

A Revolutionary Approach to Home Maintenance

As the premier renovator of homes in Orange County, we’ve seen the toll that deferred maintenance can take. Our solution: Take ‘home maintenance’ out of your hands and make it worry free.
The Robertson Home Care Program is a one-of-a-kind turnkey program that will free you from the time, hassle and energy needed to keep up with the routine maintenance needs of your new custom home. The program includes everything big and small that should be addressed on an ongoing basis, from properly maintaining your hardwood floors to servicing your HVAC units and adjusting your garage doors. All done seamlessly…automatically…and professionally.

Created to Make Things Easy For You

With the Robertson Home Care Program, your home’s maintenance will be overseen by the same experienced Orange County general contractor that built it. Here’s how the program works:
  • Assess – The starting point is a complete home profile assessment. We will note all of your home’s specifications, and tailor a maintenance program addressing your home’s precise needs.
  • Schedule – After you enter your scheduling preferences, our automated scheduling system will create your maintenance schedule for the next year.
  • Maintain – Each maintenance appointment will be overseen on-site by our Custom Care Manager, to ensure all work is completed to the Robertson standard. You do not even need to be home.
  • Report – In addition to providing service reports with notes for every service provided, you’ll also receive periodic Report Cards showing all services performed. These documents become part of your home’s permanent record and can be invaluable when the home is sold or passed down to the next generation.